Advertise in our Forum for only $25

Purchasing instructions

1: Send money manually to one of the accounts  listed below

2: After successful payment please contact us here 

and send the following information:

Banner image URL
Target URL
Number of Advertise place (1 - 6 )
E-Currency used and Batch

Payment options:




After the payment is done,your banner will  added usually between 1 to 12 Hours maximum.

Advertising positions and prices

Position 1: $30  30 days
Position 2: $50 30 days
Position 3: $50  30 days
Position 4: $50  30 days
Position 5: $25  30 days
Position 6: $25 30 days

Can only be purchased for 30 days
more options will be added in the future

If you have any questions please contact us at


1) If we do not approve your campaign from the start because for us the thematic is inappropriate... or other motives we will refund your money.

2) If we approve and activate a campaign but the site later becomes to scam, stop paying ... we will cancel your campaign and not refund the money.